Brass Dangle Flower Earrings

Brass Dangle Flower Earrings


Vendor : Melody Grossman

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Beautiful and unique jewellery by artist Melody Grossman

'The jewellery line aims to promote awareness and help women in poverty by donating a percentage of the total profits to Living Goods charity; a charity which helps women in underdeveloped areas by providing them with opportunities to run their own businesses and contribute to creating a self-sustaining society, providing jobs and money for those in need. 

We source all our materials locally when possible, and try to reduce our carbon footprint along the way. Our wooden pieces use materials from only sustainable woodlands, such as those certified with FSC or PEFC, all of which come with European Trade Certificates. Alongside this, all of our packaging is recyclable (including the jewellery boxes) and made from recycled materials wherever possible.'