Am I Normal?

Am I Normal?


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“Am I normal?” is perhaps the most normal question we ask ourselves.

With social norms forming – and re-forming – continuously, being perceived as different is as natural a fear as spiders or the dark. When faced with such concerns, it’s important to seek answers in the right places which, ironically, often means pursuing spaces outside the boundaries of societal norm.

The “Am I Normal?” game cards are here to ease your existential woes. Featuring statements such as, “I’ve mainly just pretended to be in love” and, “I’m scared of asking for directions or walking into fancy shops”, this game tackles some of society’s unspoken taboos, encouraging you to reconnect with your truest form of self, with the ultimate goal of challenging and (hopefully) redefining that what you consider “normal”.


Contains 52 statement cards. Instructions included. 1+ players